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Episode 10 comes at you from Tarifa, one of kitesurfing’s undisputed meccas. Jo Ciastula has grown up and ridden there most of his life and helps us join the dots on this episode’s features, including an interview with Jaime Herraiz.

Earlier in the year we visited Airush’s design lab where they have a new CNC prototype twin-tip shaping machine – we talk to shaper Clinton Filen about that.

In our other main feature we cover the Triple-S with our own exclusive behind-the-scenes report and hear from the winners.

Beefing out the show with our usual optic pleasures, Bruna Kajiya features in Mystic Moments, the North Trust bar winner is announced and we launch the latest competition in association with Mystic, we spill the world news, Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon get you in shape and we round the show out with a profile of Colleen Carroll who cleaned up at the Triple-S.

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