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Welcome to the new look Kite Show. Sharper and more explosive, the new show format fits neatly into your 20 minute break.

GEAR: Tony Logosz runs us through the design changes on the 2015 Slingshot RPM, a model that in 2011 became the first bridled kite to win a freestyle World Championship.

EXPERIENCE: Reo Stevens spills the beans on his top three all-time wave spots and then elite wakestylers explain the differences in technique between throwing tricks off waves and man made static kickers.

NEWS: Lewis Crathern delivers a unique update on the VKWC, a seemingly mysterious world tour. We also check out the Red Bull Ragnarok snowkite contest.

REVEALED: How Ydwer van der Heide shot a tricky mirror project for Airush.

FINALE: A first play for Liquid Force’s brand new movie, Dork Baja.