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Here’s an excerpt from Kiteworld magazine issue #79 cover, on which Jesse Richman scored the front cover with a huge wave at Jaws:
‘One guy who really appreciates all his modern-day equipment is Jesse Richman, our cover star this issue and an athlete who is right at the forefront of extreme kiteboarding. You probably haven’t failed to hear that Jaws has been going off during the early winter months in Hawaii… and that Jesse in particular has been tearing it up – getting the first ‘barrel’ at the giant wave off Maui.

‘He sent me an email recently in response to some chasing I was doing to get his take on dealing with wipeouts in surf for our ‘Getting Hammered’ feature (page 120). Although I’m sure Jesse would surely be riding waves like that whether there were teams of long lens photographers crowded on the cliff edge and low flying choppers buzzing around or not, his reply reminded me that it’s not a situation that any of these guys take lightly.

‘“Hey Dude! Really sorry to take so much time to get back to you… been super full speed at my end. When I’m dealing with big wave sessions everything changes, all my priorities change to looking after my gear, my sessions and surviving. It’s a lot to maintain all the equipment and the mental and physical shape that I feel is required to go out there… but it’s been really good fun!”’

Hear in Jesse’s own words how he feels about his season getting radical at Jaws in this chapter!